wasm4nia was originally created for the WASM-4 Game Jam in January of 2022.


When playing on keyboard, wasm4nia uses X to confirm and Z to back.
To exit out of a song, you can press all directions and X and Z (meaning all 6 buttons). R also works to restart back to the main menu.

For starting out, I strongly recommend these settings:


When picking a song, the number shown represents an approximate difficulty rating. Use this to pick a song closer to your own level.

Chart modes

There are two different chart modes which change how the charts are generated:
4-Key: Meant for playing with four fingers, using two from each hand. For this mode I recommend using the [Z][X][Down][Right] layout.
Index: Meant for playing using only your two index fingers on the arrow keys. For this mode I recommend using the [Left][Down][Up][Right] layout.

Audio offset

If you get a lot of EARLY or LATE when you feel that you are timing correctly, nudge the Audio Offset setting a couple of steps. Note that this setting counts in frames, so you don't need to change it by a lot. -2 works well for me.

Enjoying the game?

Leave a comment, or send a screenshot of a score! It makes me happy to hear people enjoy my games.

Technical details

wasm4nia itself was written in C. For the (few) sprites, I used aseprite. All of the music was written in FL Studio, exported to MIDI, and then converted, compressed, and bundled into the game. The charts are algorithmically generated from the note data using various weightings for things like following melody, jacks, and finger switches when playing index. Despite its flaws, I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.


wasm4nia-1.0.5.wasm 20 kB
wasm4nia-1.0.4.wasm 20 kB
wasm4nia-1.0.2.wasm (jam version) 20 kB

Development log

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